EverySchoolDayFew factors have a greater influence on school success than regular attendance. Regular attendance means that students should be in school, on time every day except for sickness or other emergency situations.

Any Absence – Please notify the school  at 208-525-7660 by 8:10 A.M. (9:10 Monday) on the day your child is absent. This helps us confirm that each child is accounted for.

Excused absence:  An excused absence is one that the parent/legal guardian knew of, approved, and cleared with the attendance office. Students should not have more than five (5) excused absences in a trimester with the following exceptions:

  • Death in the family
  • School-sponsored activities
  • Major or chronic illness/medical condition verified by state licensed medical practitioner.

Excessive Absence or Tardiness – If a pattern of absenteeism develops, the teacher will contact the parent/guardians to determine needs. The teacher will notify the principal concerning the absences and/or tardiness.

NOTE: Our intent is to solve attendance problems quickly so that the children will not fall behind and become discouraged.

Temple View Vision Statement

Temple View sets High Expectations for all learners.

Temple View creates and supports a Positive Educational atmosphere.

Temple View Collaborates with students, parents, and staff.

Temple View is a Safe Learning Environment.

School Wide Expectations

Be Kind: Be Friendly, Follow School Rules

Be Safe: Walk, Make Good Choices

Be A Leader:  Be on Time, Do Your Best, Be Prepared, Respect Authority

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