CommUNITY of Learning and LeaderSHIP

Sarah Childers

Sarah Childers - Principal

Stacie Chapman

Stacie Chapman - Secretary

Debbie Smylie

Debbie Smylie - Secretary

Amy Gallagher

Amy Gallagher - Counselor

Michelle Pierce

Michelle Pierce - Pre School

Darci Orchard

Darci Orchard - Kindergarten

Andrea Womack

Andrea Womack
Ext Day Kindergarten

Monica Lewis

Monica Lewis - 1st Grade

Haley Ries

Haley Ries - 1st Grade

Michelle Lawrence

Michelle Lawrence - 2nd Grade

Tena Runcorn

Tena Runcorn - 2nd Grade

Katie Gerard

Katie Gerard - 3rd Grade

D'Ann McKenna

D'Ann McKenna - 3rd Grade

Erin Boyington

Erin Boyington - 4th Grade

Judy Bloom

Judy Bloom - 4th Grade

Jordan Carnahan

Jordan Carnahan - 5th Grade

Khira Holbrook

Khira Holbrook- 5th Grade

Barby Carroll

Barby Carroll - 6th Grade

Tamara Nelson

Tami Nelson - 6th Grade

Lori Stephenson

Lori Stephenson - 6th Grade


Shannon Byers

Shannon Byers - Resource Room

Katie Southwich

Katie Southwick - Art Teacher

Rob McClernon

Rob McClernon - Custodian


Ann Broughton

Ann Broughton - Librarian

Image of an apple with the words "Lunch Cashier"
Erin Pritchard - Lunch Cashier

Angie Whiteley

Angie Whiteley - Nurse


Sherri Gasmick

Sherri Grasmick - Classroom Aide

Tonya Washburn

Tonya Washburn - Classroom Aide

Shari Wall

Shari Wall - Title I Tutor

Tammy Cheney

Tammy Cheney - Title I Tutor

Brandi Cheney

Brandi Cheney - Title I Tutor

Temple View Vision Statement

Temple View sets High Expectations for all learners.

Temple View creates and supports a Positive Educational atmosphere.

Temple View Collaborates with students, parents, and staff.

Temple View is a Safe Learning Environment.

School Wide Expectations

Be Kind: Be Friendly, Follow School Rules

Be Safe: Walk, Make Good Choices

Be A Leader:  Be on Time, Do Your Best, Be Prepared, Respect Authority

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